What is the fee to join Offers Engine?

Zero. There is no fee to join Offers Engine and earning cashback.


Will I earn real money as cashback?

Yes, you will get real money as cashback for your shoppings. You will get the cashback credited to your OE Wallet (Offers Engine Wallet), which you can withdraw to your bank account.

Can I withdraw money from the OE wallet to my bank?

Of course! You can withdraw your OE wallet balance to your bank account.

  • You can withdraw your balance from your OE wallet to your bank anytime.
  • You must have minimum Rs. 100 balance in your OE wallet to withdraw, because we do not transfer small amount.
How to apply to get cashback?

It is simple. Just follow the below 3 steps:

  1. After you shop from our registered merchant(s), login to your OE account within 7 days of purchase.
  2. Search the shop name on the top search box and open the merchant listing page.
  3. Click on “Apply Cashback” black button and fill the form. Upload the screenshot of your invoice/bill and click on “Submit”.

Done! Within 7 days, you will receive the cashback credited to your OE wallet and you will receive an email and SMS notification.

How will I know about my cashback application status?

You can check it from your login area. Click on “My Cashback” on top menu (on the left menu in mobile). You will receive an email and SMS when your cashback will be approved and credited to your OE wallet.

Who approves my cashback – the company?

Actually, your merchant approves/rejects your cashback application after verifying your application details, i.e. Invoice number, screenshot, amount etc. If everything is correct, your merchant will approve it within 7 days of your application. We, at company, do not approve/reject your cashback application.

I also have a business. Can I become a merchant and add my business to Offers Engine?

Of course! You can add your business free of charge. You will pay us commission per sale. To add your business, please click on “Add My Business” link on top (on the left side menu if you browse from mobile/tablet). To read merchant help, click on “I am a merchant” above on this page.

Can a cashback application be rejected any time?

Generally no. All cashback applications which are valid and applied correctly are approved. In case, you have entered something wrong while you apply for cashback (like wrong amount/invoice number/screenshot), your cashback application can be rejected. You will receive an email and SMS if your cashback application is rejected with the reason. You can re-apply for the same, if you have all details right.

I’ve filled everything correctly, but my application is rejected. What do I do?

Please rest assured if everything you enter is correct, your application should not be rejected. If it is rejected, please contact us at our helpline and we will do our best to help you.

I have lost my invoice. How do I apply for cashback?

A screenshot of invoice is mandatory to apply for cashback. If you do not have it, please contact your merchant and ask for a duplicate invoice. If the merchant cannot provide you a duplicate invoice and agrees to approve your cashback, please inform him and upload any other image. Your cashback is approved by your merchant.

My merchant asks me not to apply for cashback. What do I do?

Any merchant registered with us cannot ask/force customers not to apply for cashback. Please contact us and file a complaint against the merchant.

Can I apply for cashback after 7 days of purchase?

You are required to apply for cashback within 7 days of your purchase. If you are late, you can apply for cashback after 7 days of your purchase; however, the merchant may reject it and you may not get your cashback.

If I want to get help from your customer care, what are the options?

We’re always happy to help you. You can call us, email us or chat with us anytime and we will be happy to help you.

What is the charge to join?

Actually, there is no charge to join and add your business. Your business advertisement is always free. There is no upfront/monthly/yearly fee. You will have to pay us commission for the sales we generate to you. Our website customers will come to your place to buy your products/services. As per their purchase (invoice amount), you will have to pay us commission after your sale is completed.

What are the benefits to join Offers Engine?

There are bunch of benefits to join us:

  • Free to join.
  • Zero upfront/monthly/yearly fee.
  • Free advertisement on our website & mobile app with logo, photographs, products etc.
  • If you are on our website, you are on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
  • Pay per sale! Pay as you grow. Pay only if your order is successfully completed.
  • Full control of your listing & transactions.
  • If you approve, then only the cashback will be given to your customers.
  • Get new customers. Get more customers.
  • Increase your satisfaction score as you make more positive deals.
  • Get your advertisements on your customers’ Facebook wall!
  • Get cashback from other merchants for your business/personal shopping.
How do I add my business?

Please click on “Add My Business” on the top menu (On the left side menu in mobile). Then fill the form of your business details. Please enter correct and complete details, so that your customers can understand your business well.

What is the process of my sales?

Your existing offline sale process will not change. Customers will see your advertisement on our website and will come to your place. They will buy your products offline and pay you offline as usual via cash/cheque/card (as per your preference as usual).

Will I receive full payment from your customers/members at the time of my sale?

Yes, you will receive full payment from our members at the time of sale from the customer via cash/cheque/card (as per you wish as usual).

Do I need to give the cashback to the customer at the time of sale?

No. You do not have to give cashback at the time of sale to any one, also do not deduct the cashback amount from the invoice. Make full invoice as you are doing before joining and get full invoice amount from customers.

When do I have to give you commission/cashback?

Within 7 days of sale, the customers will apply for cashback on website from their accounts. You will receive an email and SMS notification when a customer applies for cashback. You can login to your account and approve the application if everything is correct.

What details will I see when I try to approve commission?

You will see Invoice Date, Invoice Number, Invoice Amount and the screenshot of the invoice. You can check all of these and if everything is correct from your side, too; you can approve it. To view the customer applications, click on “My Sales” on the top (On the left side menu in mobile).

How do I pay you the commission?

When you try to approve cashback application of your customer, you will see the total commission amount that you will have to pay.

You can select multiple customers’ application at a time and at the top, you will see the total commission.

Then click on “Pay Now” button on top. You will be redirected to make payment of the commission online.

You can pay using your credit card/debit card/internet banking.

After your online payment is successful, your customers’ applications will be approved and their cashback amount will be credited to their OE wallet at the same time. They will receive emails and SMS notifications at that time.

How many products pictures can I upload?

We’re limitless. There is no limit. You can add all of your products pictures.

Do I need to decide the commission at the time of adding business?

Yes, it is mandatory that you disclose the commission % at the time you add your business, so that your customers will see how much they will get as cashback before they come to your place.

Can I give fixed amount as commission instead of % of invoice?

No. Fixed commission amount is not accepted. You are required to offer commission in % of the invoice.

Can I change the commission amount anytime later?

Yes, you can change the commission % anytime. You need to open a support ticket for it. Click Here to open a support ticket to change your commission %.

I do not want to offer any commission. What do I do?

We’re sorry. Your advertisement is free and we do not charge anything upfront/monthly/yearly fee. You will have to pay us commission only if you get orders from our website members. If you do not want to give us commission, our members will not get any cashback from you. We cannot add your business on our website in that case.

What is the minimum and maximum commission that I can give?

You can give minimum 2% and maximum 99% commission to us.

How much will my customer get as cashback?

Your customers will get 50% of your commission amount. Eg. You offer 20% commission; your customers will get 10% cashback of the invoice.

How do I edit my business listing?

On the top right side, beside logout, you will see your name or mobile number. Click on it. On the next page, you will see your business. You can edit it from here.

I have two or more businesses/branches/franchises. Can I add all of them?

Of course! You can add all of your businesses free of charge. You can add them by creating different Mobile No. (10 Digit) and password or from your single account.

If you create in the same account, you can manage the commission and payment for all your businesses from one account.

If you want to give your commission and payment management to different persons, create new accounts on their name and details, so that the commission and payments will be managed by them.

Can I offer different commission for my different businesses?

Yes. At the time of adding a business, mention the commission % of that particular business.

Can I become a customer?

Of course! A merchant is also a customer for other merchant(s)! You can apply for cashback for other merchants from whom you purchase products/services. You can do it from your account.

I am a merchant as well as customer. I have balance in my OE wallet. Can I pay my commission from my OE wallet for my sales?

We can understand your concern; however, customer wallet (OE wallet) balance is different than the merchant commission structure, so you cannot pay commission from your OE wallet. You can withdraw your OE wallet balance to your bank account when you have Rs. 100+ balance in your OE wallet.

If I want to get help from your customer care, what are the options?

We’re always happy to help you. You can call us, email us or chat with us anytime and we will be happy to help you.

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